Driving Evolution Through Mobile Technology

Driving Evolution Through Mobile Technology

We’re a vibrant, entrepreneurial, and dynamic software technology company based in Vancouver with expertise in secure mobile solutions that help businesses and consumers maximize their efficiency.

In partnership with BlackBerry, a brand known for the highest standards in mobile security, our solutions guarantee to provide maximum protection for your IT environment and deliver enterprise-grade technology and security without the enterprise-grade costs.

SKY GLOBAL provides a highly secure mobile device management (MDM) solution to help businesses and individuals optimize productivity, efficiency, and maximize security.

What Sets Us Apart

With over 10 years of experience in the mobile security industry, we have the experience you need to create a secure mobile workplace. Our flexible solution, designed with you in mind and supported by a team of in-house experts, gives you the productivity and security tools essential for today's digital economy.

24/7 Support

Support when you need it. Because downtimes don’t wait for office hours.

Enterprise Grade

Mobile security solutions designed to exceed your expectations.

Scalable Solutions

We grow with you. Never compromise mobile security because of budget constraints.

Innovation is in our DNA

We take ideas and turn them into innovative products designed for your needs.

Who We Help

We help business and consumers get the most out of their mobile devices. Our security solutions are tailored to the needs of the small to medium-sized enterprise with a vibrant mobile workforce.



How You Benefit

With our products, you can expect to perform your best in everything you do, whether you are managing your employees or collaborating with your peers. We help you achieve efficiency by providing the platform and applications to help you save time and money.

Our Core Values

Our vision is to provide people with confidence and peace-of-mind using our market-leading innovations in data security, mobile communications and digital commerce. We stand behind our key pillars in how we conduct our business and how we interact with our customers.

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